World Series 2012 Live Stream

If you're planning on missing the World Series after the drama that the last three weeks of baseball has provided, there's no hope for you as a sports fan.

OK, that may be a little harsh. Maybe you don't like baseball. That's fine, I suppose. But it's hard not to fall in love with the MLB in October, and the 2012 season has gone far and away to prove just that.

There were multiple division races that went down to the last few days of the season. There was Oakland's magical final-week comeback to overtake Texas in the AL West. There were Wild Card play-in games for the first time in history. There were last-inning heroics, and a lot of them (hello, St. Louis). Every freaking divisional series went the full five games. I could go on.

Game     Matchup     Date     Time (ET)     TV     Live Stream
Game 1     AL Champ at NL Champ     Wed, Oct. 24     FOX     MLB TV
Game 2     AL Champ at NL Champ     Thu, Oct. 25     FOX    MLB TV
Game 3     NL Champ at AL Champ     Sat, Oct. 27     FOX     MLB TV
Game 4     NL Champ at AL Champ     Sun, Oct. 28     FOX     MLB TV
Game 5*   NL Champ at AL Champ     Mon, Oct. 29     FOX     MLB TV
Game 6*   AL Champ at NL Champ     Wed, Oct. 31     FOX     MLB TV
Game 7*   AL Champ at NL Champ     Thu, Nov. 1     FOX     MLB TV

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